Unpleasant Facts

1. Oily Residue locks in Dirt

Each day sticky residue from your pets & kitchen end up on your carpets. This residue locks-in dust and dirt and bonds with the carpet changing the colour and texture. If ignored, obvious “traffic lanes” begin to show, and without a regular professional clean, can become permanent!

2. Grit & Sand is Grinding Away at Your Carpet

Buried deep in most carpets you will find a sandpit of soil that can’t be reached by a standard vacuum cleaner, but is grinding away your carpet fibres. Every day this goes untreated your carpets wear out a little more.

3. Are your Carpets Making You Sick?

Your carpet is a filter trapping air pollutants like pollen, bacteria, fungi and cigarette tar that you would otherwise breathing in. Unfortunately in a short time the carpet gets "full" and can no longer trap or hold these nasty pollutants and so your family or staff will breathe them in on a daily basis potentially making them ill. Specialist professional carpet cleaning is the only way to remove these trapped pollutants.

4. Asthma, Eczema and Rhinitis!

It is well known that carpet, upholstery and mattresses can often be infested with dust mites. Their droppings can cause and trap the allergy-inflaming proteins, in the fibres, causing asthma, eczema and rhinitis attacks, and can trigger allergic reactions.

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